Energized services

Allteck’s Energized Services team can maintain, upgrade and rebuild virtually any voltage line or substation facility with little or no power interruptions. We achieve this through highly-specialized work techniques, tools and equipment adapted for both distribution, transmission and substation projects.

Distribution energized work consists of using insulated hot-sticks and rubber gloves to provide worker protection. Due to the higher voltages, transmission live-line work includes an added set of unique techniques, tools and equipment. A fundamental component of this work is energizing the worker by “Bonding on”. Sometimes referred to as “Barehanding”, a procedure by which our skilled Powerline Technicians place themselves at the same electrical potential as the energized circuit on which they are working. This is achieved through the use of highly specialized “conductive suits” which act as a Faraday Cage, allowing the electric charge to flow around the outside of the suit and not around the worker’s body.

Furthermore, our patented Linemaster Robotic Arm™ allows for safer, more efficient repair, replacement or upgrades, giving us a unique advantage in the contracting community.

The bottom line is that energized work methods minimize disruption of service, which translates into uninterrupted revenue flow for the utility, reduced potential of devastating and costly impact on industries who rely heavily on power as well as keeping residential consumers happy.

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