Williams Lake 60kV Hwy Relocation

Williams Lake 60kV Hwy Relocation

Client: Arctic Arrow Powerline Group

Owner: BC Hydro

Project Status: Completed Winter 2016

Location: Williams Lake BC - Broadway Ave. North

Voltage: Single and Double Circuit 60kV with 25kV underbuild portions

Category: Transmission

The Project: This project consisted of the relocation of 60L308 and 60L309 for the new Hwy 97 Ministry of Transportation upgrades from Carson Road to Fox Mountain Road in Williams Lake as well as the relocation of 8 double circuit 60kV poles with 25kV underbuilt and 8 60kV poles, some with 25kV underbuilt.

Challenges: Work was postponed until winter. There were extremely deep culvert pole liner sets, reaching up to 8m deep. The owner was unable to provided outages on 60L309.

Specialized Work:  Live line methods and multiple line master robotic arms were used to complete this project.

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