Regina Highway Bypass X13 Crossing Construction

Regina Highway Bypass X13 Crossing Construction

Client: SaskPower

Owner: SaskPower

Project Status: Completed

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Voltage: 230kV

Length: 1 month

Category: Transmission / Energized services

The project included the modification of approximately 0.8km of the P3C/C2F 230kV double circuit overhead transmission line to achieve the vertical clearance required for the Regina Highway Bypass project. The work encompassed the installation of ten (10) structures along with the supply and installation of four (4) steel casings, cathodic protection, and salvage work. One of the circuits remained energized throughout the duration of work; therefore, energized work methods were employed.

The Challenge

  • Frozen or dry ground conditions were required during construction to comply with permits and to ensure the safe operation of equipment and worker’s safety.
  • Extreme cold conditions during construction.
  • Crew members worked while temperatures reached -30C to -40C. Stringent safety measures and procedures were implemented to prevent incidents during winter months.

Specialized Work Methods

  • Allteck developed unique and specialized work methods for the replacement of 230kV Gulfport structures under energized conditions. The wood poles on the Gulfport structures are angled, therefore, conventional work methods were not practical.
  • Robotic Arms and energized work procedures were required for 230kV.
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