Nalcor, Churchill Falls Jumper Removal

Nalcor, Churchill Falls Jumper Removal

Client: Nalcor Energy

Owner: Nalcor Energy

Project Status: Completed

Location: Churchill Falls, Labrador

Voltage: 230kV

Category: Energized services

The Project

The project consisted of removing 3 jumpers from an energized 230kV switch in Nalcor’s Churchill Falls substation.

The Challenges

Tight completion requests, distance and the remote location of Churchill Falls are a few examples of challenges that Allteck faced to complete this job.

The Specialized Work Methods

Allteck worked with Nalcor Energy and developed a customized Barehand work procedure for the job.  We used Barehand methods to remove the energized 230kV jumpers with tight limits of approach to other station equipment. There was no margin for error.  This was the first energized job done for Nalcor Energy in over 10 years.

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