Dokie 230kV Substation Energization and Cut in

Dokie 230kV Substation Energization and Cut in

Client: BC Hydro

Owner: BC Hydro

Project Status: Completed

Location: Dokie Substation

Voltage: 230kV

Category: Energized services

Allteck replaced 6 tangent structures, installed 2 – 90 degree deadend structures, strung 2km of static wire, and converted a single 230kV circuit into 2 distinct circuits. The new Windfarm was connected to the BC Hydro system without an outage to the only transmission circuit, feeding both a pulp mill and Tumbler Ridge. This was the first time such an activity was successfully attempted and completed in British Columbia.

 The project:

A new Substation was to be brought online in Northeastern BC. The only existing option for interconnection was a single 230kV line that was the only feed to Tumbler Ridge and a Pulp Mill bulk customer. Allteck’s scope was in two parts;

  • To reconfigure the transmission system so that one existing 230kV line was transformed into two separate circuits with the new station connected to both.
  • To replace 6 structures, install 2 – 90 degree deadend structures, and install 2km static wire for station protection


The Challenges:

This concept of changing circuit configuration had never been done before. The work site was extremely rural in Northern BC and the construction timeline had work occurring in winter months.


Specialized Work Methods:

Linemaster Robotic arms were used, Barehand procedures were required, and new specialized work methods for executing scope needed to be created.

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