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Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

In 2006 a book appeared on the popular reading shelves on bookstores across Canada that caught my attention.  Ordinarily I’m pretty cautious about diving into any new “How to Make Your Life Wonderful Overnight” books, as there is no shortag […]

Read More > Posted on: July 27, 2016

Alltecks Stamp of Approval

A number of years ago I had a neighbour that prided himself in always being able to get a great bargain.  We often debated what his mindset was actually called – he referred to himself as thrifty and I merely thought he was cheap.  Semantics a […]

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Changing With The Times

My seventeen year old son Hunter is graduating from high school this year and will be leaving his predictable, fairly comfortable schedule to launch himself into a world that will be quite different from what he has known for most of his life.  N […]

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A Step Ahead!

As members of modern civilization, we enjoy any number of luxuries that our ancestors had no idea could even exist.  Food preparation and delivery systems allow us to drop by our local supermarket and within minutes stock up on groceries that 500 […]

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You Get What You Pay For

About four years ago I bought a hot tub.  I’d always wanted one and after three houses in 20 years that didn’t have a hot water spa in the back yard, I decided the time had come.  In the six months after I made that decision, I had r […]

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Above The Bar

It’s almost impossible to open a business magazine, go to a conference or scan thousands of websites without running headfirst into a discussion about the importance of corporate culture.  In fact, it’s talked about so much that the term “c […]

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Curved Shower Rods, Debit Cards and Allteck – What’s the connection?

It’s almost impossible to pick up a newspaper these days without seeing headlines that announce more layoffs or cost cutting measures being implemented at blue chip energy, resource and utility companies. OK, in reality, you probably opened a we […]

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